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Who i am

About Me (she/her)

Lisa Q. Fetterman coaches founders, creatives, and leaders that are building a better future. Her ministry attends to individuals and small groups. Her work centers around helping those in a pressure-cooker access healing that's already inside of them to alleviate stress, burnout, and creative blockages.

Embracing the wisdom of ancient traditions and modern scientific research, she guides her congregants in connecting with the divine through sacred ceremonies that integrate the healing properties of Plant Sacraments. Rather than perpetuating stigmatization or pathologizing experiences, Lisa fosters a space of acceptance and understanding. With a unique somatic and tactical approach that transcends conventional religious boundaries, Minister Fetterman supports her clients as they become their highest personal, professional, and spiritual selves.

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Smudging Ceremony. Peruvian Palo Santo Holy Wood.

Plant Ceremony

On ceremony days we give our default mode networks a break to commune with our source through sacraments to befriend our deepest selves.

Team Putting Their Hands Together

Internal Family Systems

Every part of you has your best interests at heart and is yearning to be heard. Together we will explore the parts of you that are overworked and support them with the lasting relief of unburdening.

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Somatic Counseling

Your entire body is connected to cognitive function and embodiment is the path to lasting peace and joy. Together we will access your whole body intelligence to move forward with indelible strength.

Experience & Education

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Licensed Minister

Congregation for Sacred Practices


MAPS Speaker

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies


Board Member and Crisis Counselor

Crisis Text Line


Internal Family Systems Informed

IFS Institute


Hakomi Informed

Hakomi Institute


Founder and CEO

Nomiku was a Y Combinator backed startup that created the first-ever at home sous vide machine. We authored two international best-selling cookbooks and received Zagat, Inc, and Forbes 30 under 30 for trailblazing in the culinary, hardware, and IoT industry.

“Lisa is a rare coach that understands the travails of entrepreneurship, Asian-American culture, and modern life. She gets the grind, existential fears, and intergenerational trauma that comes from being an Asian-American female founder, and offers empathy, unique insights, and practical advice for reconciling all of the above. She has helped me heal in numerous ways, and I couldn't recommend her enough."

Yvonne L

Lisa is a founder wizard and solution factory. We feel lucky that she coached us together as cofounders. Each session was filled with life-changing unblocking, inspiration, and actionable strategy. She can take the biggest problems and parse them out into bite size pieces. While her insight helped make our vision crystal clear, her uncanny way of asking the right questions at the right moment led us to breakthrough after breakthrough. We love her and can't stop recommending her to everyone we know!"

Cassandra f & Stephanie S


Ceremony Bubble

$3,000. Includes 2 prep sessions, 1 full day ceremony, and 2 integration sessions. Sliding scale available.

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Mini-Ceremony Bubble

$1,500. Includes 2 prep sessions, one 90 minute ceremony, and 2 integration sessions. Sliding scale available.



$300. Includes one 50 minute session either in-person at my office or via Zoom. Sliding scale available.

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